School Conveyance facilities are available in selected routes. The details of routes, bus timings, conveyance charges, timings, etc., may be obtained from the Transport Supervisor.

1.The student shall be at the bus stop specified, at least 5 minutes ahead of the prescribed time. Those who miss the bus shall make their own arrangement to reach the school.

2. Deviation from approved route or picking up from home will not be allowed to reduce the effective time of travel of students and avoid unwanted delays.

3. If a change in collection point / stop is desired, the same shall be communicated by the parent through a written note to the Transport Supervisor with date and clear instructions at least one day before.

4. Instructions from parents on any change required in conveyance received over phone from parents or guardians shall not be entertained for safety reasons.

5. Parents, whose wards would not be travelling in the school bus, are requested to notify in advance the Bus Attendant or the Transport Supervisor about their absence.

6. It is anticipated that school bus may not ply on 2 working days per month for emergency reasons like repairs / breakdowns. Parents are required to make their own arrangements on such days. Conveyance fees will be refunded proportionately, if the school bus is not plying for more than two days per month.

7. A conveyance fee is fixed for a full month. Hence reduction in conveyance fees will not be allowed for availing bus facility for periods less than one month.

The school is keen to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour in the buses in the interest of the safety and welfare of all. The transport supervisor follows up incidents of poor behaviour on the buses. Serious or repeated incidents of misbehaviour may result in pupils receiving a ban from using the bus. Parents are required to support the school by ensuring their children behave responsibly on the school bus.


Registration for admission opens

The month of December. All admissions are made on the basis of an Examination / Test in English, Hindi/Sanskrit, Mathematics and reasoning. No child is considered for admission unless he/she has been registered. Registration forms are available with the School or can be downloaded.

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Acedemic Year – April to March.

The School remains closed for one month during Summer Break and one month during festive season

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School Timing
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